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Why the fuck did I buy a bikini

Anonymous asked:
Do they ever smell bad? And what about greasy hair? Not trying to be mean I'm just really curious. I want dreads so bad :(

Never, and hair cleans its self naturally after a few weeks (:

forever suspicious of men who’s preferece for women is both hairless and shapeless..

Anonymous asked:
How often do you wash your dreads? They are lovely

Just washed them today so a little fuzzy (: but before then probably about 3 months, if you wash them too often you get mildue which is a mold that grows inside of them, the same if yo use shampoo with residues x

Anonymous asked:
In my town there's a girl that looks a lot like you except she's really punk and does meth lol, but you're pretty and don't look like you do meth.

awwww, thats cute (: and I’m not thin enough to be have been into meth ;)